This site is devoted to topics on and related to professional football. I have a fondness for the sport and enjoy following and writing on it. The site name shows my leaning towards NFC but I do intend to cover topics broader than that. Starting out I covered my favorite team, the Giants, but bear with me as I look to branch out and control my bias. Scroll down to check out the blog.  I hope you enjoy some of the content.   If you do keep checking back. Also if you patronize the advertisers it is greatly appreciated as it helps with the costs. Thank You and Welcome!




I started this site as a lifelong Giants fan that follows the team all year long. From the preseason thru the post season, free agency and the draft. I also am a computer engineer that enjoys working on the internet. Combining these I thought I would start a site to post some of my research and thoughts on the Giants. I subsequently decided to not limit it to the Giants and will put a broader array of topics and cover other divisions and teams. I hope you find it interesting and I look forward to your comments.


To contact me you can e-mail me at admin@nfcbeast.com or leave a comment on one of the blog pages.