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Fifteen teams opened the season with 25-1 or better odds to win the Super Bowl. Of those 15 teams 10 are heading for disappointing seasons. Some are worse off than others but all are looking at potentially disappointing seasons as they approach the half way mark. Major injuries have played a large part in almost half of them. With each team is shown the opening odds, their current record and their last win/loss streak.

Cowboys     10-1     3-3     1W
The Cowboys have surrendered 35 or more points three times in six games. Over their last three games they have given up the 9th most points per game. Their three wins have come against teams that have a combined record of 4-17.

Packers     12-1     4-3     2L
Lost Aaron Rodgers for the season. QB Brett Hundley has played in seven games and has 33 career completions. His 2017 completion % is 53% and his quarterback rating is 41. Green Bay’s yards per pass differential for the last three games is 30th in the league. That is the difference between offensive yards/pass minus opponents yards/pass.

Falcons     16-1     3-3     3L
Through this season the Falcons are on track to have the second largest offensive decline in NFL history for points per game between seasons. Overall, only the Cleveland Browns (19.4 percent) and Carolina Panthers (12.9 percent) have seen a higher rate of their drives end by interception this season (12.8 percent). As of week six, Ryan had completed four of 19 pass attempts that have traveled more than 20 yards in the air —the lowest completion rate in the league, according to Pro Football Focus. PFF has also deemed that just 21.1 percent of those 20-plus-yard throws were accurate, also the worst mark in football.

Broncos     20-1     3-3     2L
Broncos are 9-2 when Trevor Siemian attempts 35 passes or less and 2-7 when he attempts more than 35. The Broncos ended their 2nd longest scoring streak in NFL history when the Chargers shut them out last week.

Raiders     20-1     3-4     1W
Oakland is 27th in the league in yards per pass differential for the year, the last three games, and away games. The Raiders are one of three teams in NFL history to have no interceptions thru the first six games. As of week seven they still have no interceptions.

Panthers     20-1     4-3     2L
The Panthers have the 2nd most interceptions on offense , the 26th ranked quarterback rating, and have the 28th ranked yards per pass attempt differential at home. They have the 29th ranked rushing average. First round 8th overall draft pick, Christian McCaffrey, is averaging 2.5 yards/carry.

Ravens     25-1     3-4     2L
Through week 7 the Ravens are the NFL’s 31st ranked offense. The Raven’s TD against the Vikings with 03 seconds remaining was the first offensive TD scored by the Ravens in over 10 quarters. The Ravens lost guard Marshal Yanda for the season. Yanda made the pro bowl every year for the last six seasons.

Colts     25-1     2-5     2L
Not only did the Colts lose Andrew Luck for what may be the whole season, their pass defense also is dead last in opponent yards per pass attempt for the season, the last three games, and away games.

Giants     25-1     1-6     1L
You know the story, but in one game they lost 67% of their wide receiver roster which included their top three receivers. Half of their opening roster WRs are done for the season.

Cardinals     25-1     3-4     1L
Cardinals lost QB Carson Palmer for possibly the season with a broken arm. Backup QB Drew Stanton finished the game with the lowest QB rating for the season at 20.5. As a backup QB over the prior nine seasons Drew has played in 33 games and has a career QB rating of 65. In addition the Cardinals have the lowest rushing average in the league.

Just a piece of trivia – Since the 2001 Super Bowl only two teams have won the Super Bowl that had preseason odds greater than 25-1. That was the 2007 SB Giants (30-1) and the 2001 SB Patriots (60-1).

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