Draft Quarterback Prospect Sam Darnold

What are the “experts” assessment of 2018 draft quarterback prospect Sam Darnold? How does he measure up to the other top prospect(s)? To find out I gathered the rankings and ratings of many draft analysts and present them here in this blog. References that do not have Darnold as the top quarterback are highlighted in bold. Without further ado here are my findings.

QB Sam Darnold

a. NFL.com Draft Tracker highest graded quarterback draft prospect since Andrew Luck in 2012

Table of current prospects with 1st round prospects from last 6 drafts.
Table of current prospects with 1st round prospects from last 6 drafts. Grade is in bold at end of line

b. Pro Football Focus overall number two ranked draft prospect right behind Baker Mayfield. See PFF draft board – 03/01/18 (Overall: 1-Mayfield, 2-Darnold,6-Rosen)

c. Mike Mayock’s top ranked quarterback of 2018 draft. See Mayock’s positional rankings – 03/13/18 (Position rank: 1-Darnold, 2-Allen, 3-Rosen, 4-Mayfield, 5-Jackson,Rudolph)

d. Daniel Jeremiah’s highest graded quarterback prospect of the last 3 drafts. Rosen is third. See Jerimiah top 10 QBs of past 3 drafts – 03/19/18  (Past 3 drafts: 1-Darnold, 2-Wentz, 3-Rosen)

e. nfldraftscout.com top rated quarterback prospect. See ndraftscout.com big board (Overall: 2-Darnold, 5-Rosen, 7-Allen, 13-Mayfield, 17-Jackson)

f. Mel Kiper’s second rated quarterback right behind Josh Allen.  See Mel Kiper’s Big Board & Position rankings – 03/02/18  (Overall: 5-Allen, 6-Darnold, 7-Rosen, 10-Mayfield)

g. Todd McShay’s top quarterback. See  Todd McShay’s Big Board(top 2 only – Insider pay) – 01/22/18

h. Dane Brugler’s top quarterback. See Dane Bruler’s Big Board – 04/03/18 (Overall: 6-Darnold, 9-Rosen, 10-Mayfield, 30-Allen, 32-Jackson)

i. WalterFootball’s top quarterback. See WalterFootball QB Rankings

j. Rob Rang’s top prospect. See Rob rang’s top 50 Big Board – 03/22/18

k. Josh Norris (Rotoworld) has Rosen as the top prospect with Darnold trailing a distant 2nd at 21 on his top 50. See Josh Norris Top 50 Big Board – 03/24/18

l. Matt Miller’s top quarterback followed by Allen and Rosen. See Matt Miller’s Big Board – 03/12/18

m. Joe Goodberry (Athletic) sees Mayfield, Jackson and Rosen as potentially franchise quarterbacks. He sees Darnold and Allen as developmental quarterbacks with high upside. He also like Rudoph and Laulletta in round 2 or 3. See Goodberry Podcast on quarterbacks

n. Kyle Crabbs (NDTScouting) rates Baker Mayfield as one of six blue chip prospects in the draft and the only quarterback. He rates Mayfield and Rosen as 2 good bets to be franchise quarterbacks. Next come Jackson (“his ceiling is tremendous’) and then Darnold who did not even make his top 40 Big Board.

o. Matt Waldman has Rosen best chance most well rounded QB pocket passer in class capable of rolling out like Matt Ryan. Darnold and then Rosen at advantage in a west coast offense to start right away. General feel is that he likes Rosen best. Does not like Allen. Is also high on Jackson sounds like a number two for him after Rosen. He says Jackson may be the best quarterback in the pocket. See Podcast interview Fantasy labs – 01/18/18

p. Greg Cosell speaks highly of Rosen, Darnold and Mayfield but concedes that his personal favorite would be Rosen. He speaks of what is the team looking for in a quarterback. Rosen is the best pocket passer but is not a statue. However Darnold is a baller. Darnold has a quick release and can make big time throws. He is young and heasr he is a good kid – moldable. Mayfield is accurate and a good pocket passer.

q. Mark Schofield states “But for me, Rosen is the cleanest, most scheme-diverse quarterback in this class, and if I were a team that needed a quarterback Rosen would be the player I would covet. With Darnold, there is a lot to like. He’s athletic, with an impressive arm and the ability to throw on the move very well, which, when combined with his aggressive nature, makes for a dangerous combination. He also shows the ability to throw with anticipation, perhaps more advanced than most other quarterbacks in this class at that trait.” See Schofield’s QB mock draft

There you have it. There are 19 days left to the NFL draft. These evaluations can change by then but more likely they will not.  I hope this presents a good picture to you of where the experts stand on these talented quarterbacks. I welcome any comments or feedback.


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