Quarterback Padawans Revisited Following Preseason Week Two

Half way thru the preseason here are the rookie and second year quarterbacks that have stood out over their preseason games.  The top twelve takes into account all preseason games played this year. The player’s rank from last week is in parenthesis after their name. (NR = Not ranked, HM = Honorable Mention, 1 = top rank). The player’s week two stats are listed.

The Top Twelve

1 ) Joshua Dobbs (10) of Pittsburgh had another good week. He completed 12 of 18 passes for 192 yards, 2  touchdowns and an interception. In the preseason Dobbs has completed five passes of 20+ yards for second most among the padawans.


2) Deshaun Watson (NR) of the Texans. On his lone series, Watson led an 11-play march, including a fourth-down red-zone score. Watson was 5 of 8 for 73 yards and a touchdown. In the preseason 44% of his nine attempts have gone for a first down.

3) Nathan Peterman (7) of the Bills completed 8 of 10 passes for 113 yards and a touchdown. In the preseason Peterman has completed 85% of his 20 pass attempts. In week two his passer rating of 147.1 led all padawans.

4) Chad Kelly (4) of Denver maintains his four spot on the list after week two. Kelly completed seven of nine passes for 90 yards and a touchdown. Kelly holds the fourth best passer rating (116.9) among preseason quarterbacks with a minimum of 10 completions.

5) DeShone Kizer (NR) of the Packers was 7 of 12 for 149 yards and two touchdowns. In week two Kizer’s passer rating (142) was third among quarterback padawans. After week two Kizer has two passes of 40+ yards which is in a three way tie for first among all quarterbacks.

6) Tim Boyle (2) of the Packers completed four of seven passes for 37 yards. Boyle has a strong arm. He is fourth among rookie quarterbacks in passing yards (167) and average passing yards (7.6 yards). Boyle is tie for second among rookies in passing plays of 20+ yards with three.

7) Baker Mayfield (1) of the Browns was 7 of 13 for 75 yards. He was in on six possessions and led two scoring drives on his final two drives. So far in the preseason Mayfield has six passes of 20+ yards which is tie for second in the league.

8) Garrett Gilbert (3) of the Panthers was 3 of 5 for 23 yards. A sixth round pick in the 2014 NFL draft, Gilbert has yet to play in a regular season game. He is credited as a 2nd year player as he has spent the four seasons as an offseason and/or practice squad member only.

9) Chad Kanoff (HM) of the Cardinals completed 5 of 10 for 43 yards. Kanoff’s 13.6 yards per completion is ranked sixth among the padawans. He is said to have a strong arm.

10) Phillip Walker of the Colts completed 2 of 4 for 26 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He only got in the game with 6 minutes remaining. However he makes the top twelve from a strong performance in week one. (Walker was overlooked in week one therefore no ranking for last week).

11) Patrick Mahomes (NR) of the Chiefs was 8 of 12 for 138 yards, one touchdown and one interception. He rushed twice for 16 yards. He showed off his strong arm in this touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill.

12) Alex McGough (NR) of the Seahawks was 9 of 12 for 97 yards and one touchdown. On his touchdown drive, McGough completed all six passing attempts marching the team 70 yards for the score. His touchdown was a 12-yard strike.  He also had a 39 yard pass to Cyril Grayson. McGough’s 76% completion percentage for the preseason leads all rookie quarterbacks with more than two attempts.

Honorable Mention

Kyle Sloter (6) of the Vikings was 10 of 15 for 82 yards. Sloter has played quarterback, receiver and tight end in college. Kyle Sloter is a gamer.

Josh Allen (11) of the Bills was 9 of 13 for 60 yards and one touchdown. Allen also ran for three attempts and 18 yards. According to Pro Football Focus Josh Allen has the second best ball location accuracy (70%) among the 2018 first round quarterbacks.

Under Performing Expectations

Mitchell Trubisky of the Bears was 9 of 14 for 90 yards , one touchdown and one interception. He also had a fumble for a safety.  Trubisky has averaged 5.2 yards per pass attempt. Only 22% of his pass  attempts achieve a first down. He has rushed three times for seven yards.

Lamar Jackson of the Ravens was 7 of 15 for 49 yards and one touchdown. He rushed four times for 26 yards. Over three preseason games Jackson has completed only 42% of his passes, had 19% go for 1st down and has a passer rating of 62. However he does have 17 rush attempts with a 4.2 yard average. That is good for second best among quarterbacks with a minimum 10 attempts.

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