How the High Production Players Fared in the Draft

(Update: 5/4  – Updates on UDFAs)

The following first spreadsheet contains for each team the high production prospects that they drafted or signed as Undrafted Free Agents (UDFAs). High production was based on either

  1. Meeting a certain threshold of team market share for position dependent statistic(s) such as 11% solo tackle market share for inside linebackers.
  2. For offensive linemen making an all conference team for any of their seasons.
  3. For quarterbacks finishing above average of 26 quarterbacks looking at 3rd down conversions, red zone production and big plays. Two outliers were also included based on general consensus of being highly ranked.

The spreadsheet is Picks Production.  The spreadsheet only shows draft picks and signed UDFAs that made the high production list. Also listed for each team is the number of picks they made which is most likely not the number they originally had pre-draft.  A percentage is shown at the far right for each team which is their number of high production picks and signed UDFAs divided by their number of picks made.

The next spreadsheet is the sheet of all high production prospects updated to show if picked or signed as a UDFA. On each sheet at the bottom left is a count of how many players for each position were drafted, signed as UDFA or Not chosen.  The offensive line sheet contains a summary total of all the positions. The spreadsheet is prospects-by-production-3.


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