2019 First Round Starters By Teams

This is a look at the teams projected starting rosters and how many first round players on those starting rosters. There is a strong correlation between success in the NFL and draft round selected. If you look at the NFL Hall of Fame inductees from 1980 onward the number of inductees by draft round selected are:

1st round – 38
2nd round – 10
3rd round – 4
4th round – 3
5th round – 1
6th round – 0
7th round – 1

This article at FanPost looked at players drafted from 2005 to 2014 and calculated the percent of players that went on to become a starter by round selected.  The data showed on average a 22% drop off by position from round one to round two, followed by a 16% drop to round three and so on.

The round one selections are probably the most scrutinized players in the draft. And while their ranking in round one can vary greatly there usually forms a general consensus leading up to the draft who the round one prospects are. There will always be the outliers of round one busts or draft diamonds in the rough. But for the most part your round one selections are the best players. So how does your team stack up with regard to the number of round one players starting? That is what this article looks at for the 2019 season.

The starting roster is based on that presented on the depth charts at Ourlads.com.  I also included 2019 first round selections in the count as those would most likely be starting at some point this year. They were not added if their position was already filled with projected first round starters.

Here is a summary of observations from the data.

  1. Of the thirty-two teams a total of 23 have a first round quarterback.
  2. Almost half of the starting offensive tackles are first round picks – 30 out of 64.
  3. The Falcons have the most first round starting players (11). The Jaguars and the Chiefs have the least (4).
  4. The Falcons have the most on offense (7). The Bills, Jets and Jaguars have the least on offense (1).
  5. The Steelers have the most on defense (7). The Chiefs have the least on defense (0).
  6. The Falcons have the most on offensive line (5). The least on offensive line (0) is shared by the Bills, Jets, Jaguars, Panthers, Buccaneers and Rams.
  7. For the defensive Front Seven the most of 5 is held by the Steelers and the Panthers. Teams with zero first rounders in their Front Seven are the Patriots, Ravens, Bengals, Colts and the Chiefs – all AFC teams.
  8. Teams with the most 1st rounders in their starting secondary are the Raiders, Bears and the Vikings with three each.  Teams with zero first rounders in their starting secondary are the Titans, Chiefs, Redskins, Lions, Panthers, 49ers and the Seahawks.
  9. The divisions with the most starting first rounders are the NFC East (35) and the NFC South (34). The average for all divisions was 27.1. The division with the least starting first rounders is the AFC South (20).
  10. The division with the greatest disparity or standard deviation is the NFC South where the Buccaneers have a total of six first rounders whereas the other teams have 11, 9 and 8.
  11. The division with the greatest parity is the AFC East where all teams have 6 starting first rounders except for the Jets who have 5.

Here is the data in First Round Starters. The positions are listed by team and summed at the bottom. Then columns to the right show the totals by team for various summations such as total, total offense, total defense, etc. The total columns are averaged at the bottom and teams above the average are highlighted in yellow. Finally at the far right are totals for each division and the divisions standard deviation.

Here is a picture of the data. Click to expand.

Round One Starters
Round One Starters

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