The New York Giants And The Quarterback Transition

Eli Manning

Thank You for an incredible run at quarterback for the Giants! Eli is a two time Super Bowl MVP and one of only five players all time with multiple Super Bowl MVP awards. He helped lead the Giants to two Lombardi trophies. Eli was 8-4 in the playoffs and is tie for third all-time in playoff 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives. He is seventh in career passing yards and eighth in career passing touchdowns. Eli is ninth all-time in game winning drives. He was both a clutch player and an iron-man. The beating he took against the 49ers in the 2011 NFC championship game was unreal and yet he kept coming back and led the Giants to a victory.  Manning was sacked six times and hit 14 times. His clutch plays to beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowls were things of beauty. In the 2007 Super Bowl run the Giants were a wildcard and had three playoff road victories to reach the Super Bowl. Here is a great article on Manning playing thru pain and injury to be the iron-man he was – Sports Illustrated Article.  The first one on start 42 is great as Manning comes back to play the week after suffering a separated shoulder on his throwing arm. It includes quotes from the late Jared Lorenzen. Manning’s on-field performance makes him a great quarterback. Off the field he was even better. He never blamed others or threw anyone under the bus. He was a good teammate and community citizen. Eli Manning exemplified the traits that young sports fans could look up to. He exemplifies all that is good about the NFL and in my book is a Hall-Of-Fame quarterback.

Daniel Jones, the Team and going forward.

Some people have written off 2019 for the Giants. They are 0-2 and now starting a rookie quarterback. Their defense has given up 63 points in two games. That is tie with Washington for the second most points allowed. They have one of their top two wide receivers recovering from a concussion and the other serving a four game suspension.  In the offseason they traded away their lead wide receiver and lead edge rusher – Olivier Vernon. They let their lead solo tackler, Landon Collins, walk in free agency. However how can a true fan ever write-off a season? As ex-Jets coach Herm Edwards emphasized in an old press conference shown below – “You Play to Win the Game!”.


Contrary to a popular sports radio announcer’s rant on the switch to Daniel Jones, there have been more than two teams that have had success with a rookie quarterback. Here is a list of rookie quarterbacks whose teams made it to the playoffs.

Rookie Team Season
Dan Marino Miami Dolphins 1983
John Elway Denver Broncos 1983
Bernie Kosar Cleveland Browns 1985
Jim Everett Los Angeles Rams 1986
Todd Marinovich Los Angeles Raiders 1991
Shaun King Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1999
Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers 2004
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons 2008
Joe Flacco Baltimore Ravens 2008
Mark Sanchez New York Jets 2009
Andy Dalton Cincinnati Bengals 2010
T.J. Yates Texans 2011
Robert Griffin III Washington Redskins 2012
Andrew Luck Indianapolis 2012
Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks 2012
Connor Cook Oakland Raiders 2016
Dak Prescott Dallas Cowboys 2016

The Giants have one of the best if not the best running backs in the league with Saquon Barkley.  He is one of only 41 players all-time to have 2000+ yards from scrimmage in a season and one of only three to do so in their rookie year. Even though it has been only two games his production is on track to crack 2000+ yards again in his second year. This year he has the third highest average yards per rush (7.8) for players with 10+ attempts. Last year he had the most 20+ and 40+ rushing plays. He is one of only ten players to have a 40+ rushing attempt this year.

Currently according to  the Giants are the eighth team out of ten that would miss the playoffs in the NFC. They are listed with an 82% probability of not making the playoffs. The Giants have to start the arduous task of scaling up that playoff list. This weekend I’ll be rooting for a Giant victory over the Buccaneers and a Cardinal loss to the Panthers.

Let the new era begin!

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