Active Team Streaks Going Into Week Four

Longest Regular Season Win Streak – since 12-23-2018 – five games

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • New England Patriots
  • LA Rams

Longest Regular Season Losing Streak

  • Denver Broncos – 7 games – since 12-09-2017
  • Miami Dolphins – 6 games – since 12-16-2018
  • New York Jets – 6 games – since 12-15-2018

Games with an interception thrown

  • Pittsburgh Steelers – 4 games – since 12-30-2018
  • Cleveland Browns – 2 games – since 09-16-2019
  • Dallas Cowboys – 2 games
  • Denver Broncos – 2 games

Passing Yards greater than 200

  • Kansas City Chiefs – 24 games – since 12-03-2017 (Mahomes started 12-31-2017)
  • Atlanta Falcons – 7 games – since 12-09-2018
  • New York Giants – 6 games – since 12-16-2018

Passing Touchdowns greater than or equal to two

  • Kansas City Chiefs – 14 games – since 10-14-2018
  • Atlanta Falcons – 7 games – since 12-09-2018
  • Indianapolis Colts – 5 games – since 12-23-2018

Rushing Yards greater than or equal to 100

  • Baltimore Ravens – 10 games – since 11-18-2018 (Lamar Jackson started)
  • Buffalo Bills – 4 games – since 12-30-2018
  • Minnesota Vikings – 3 games – since 09-08-2019
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 3 games – since 09-08-2019

With a Rushing Touchdown

  • Tennessee Titans – 3 games
  • Houston Texans – 3 games

With a Fumble Lost


With 400+ Yards From Scrimmage


With 30+ Points Scored


Opponent Passing Yards of 200+


Opponent with 2+ Passing Touchdowns


Opponent with 400+ scrimmage Yards


Opponent with 30+ Points Scored


Games with a -10 Score Margin


Opponent Scrimmage Yards 280 or less

Held Opponent to less than 20 points


Sacked Opponent 2+ Times A Game


Five Thoughts On the Data

  1. The Chiefs with Mahomes have an great active streak of 24 games with 200+ passing yards in a game. However to put that in perspective there are six expired streaks all-time that were longer. The Saints lead with  streak of 43 games that ended in 2013. The average streak of those six teams is 35 games.
  2. The Patriots will truly benefit from the bad luck of the Jets, the strange direction Miami’s front office has gone with their team, and playing the NFC East. These six teams hold the top seven spots for longest active streak of allowing 200+ passing yards per game.
  3. The Bears lead active streaks in limiting opponents to under 20 points in a game with seven games. Among the teams on that streak the Bears have played the hardest teams. The league is a more pass friendly game today. Since 1970 the current Bears streak would rank 59th with ’77 Steelers at first with 14 games. Since 2000 the active Bears streak is 15th with the ’06 Broncos at first with 10 games.
  4. Fans of the Giants and the Redskins are both looking forward to their game against each other this weekend. Teams have had success passing on these two teams. They both have active streaks of opponent passing for 200+ yards with the Giants at 5 games and the Redskins at 4. As far as streaks go the edge has to go to the Giants. The Giants have a  positive streak of six games with 200+ passing yards. Whereas besides the negative streak both teams share on opposing passing yards, the Redskins have as additional  three negative streaks. They have 4 games of opponent passing for 2+ touchdowns, three games of opponent scoring 30+ points and two games with a -10 score margin.
  5. Contrary to pre-draft chatter the Ravens look like they have got a good quarterback in Lamar Jackson. His passing has greatly improved from his rookie year. Yet he continues to provide that dual threat. The team’s ten game streak of 100+ rushing yards was fueled this year by two games of Mark Ingram going over 100 yards and one with Lamar Jackson.  since his start ten games ago Jackson has four games of 90+ rushing yards. Each one of those was a win.

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