Week Five And The Giant Playoff Hunt

Well the Giants had a nice victory over the Redskins. In addition the Bears beat the Vikings which was the better outcome for the Giant playoff hunt. The Giants maintained their position as the third team on the outside looking in. However they improved in that they are no longer tie for that position. The two teams ahead of them on the outside are the Rams and the Lions.  This is based on the probabilities as stated on playoffstatus.com.

In the Giant victory over the Redskins the Giants maintained their active streak of games with 200+ passing yards. They move to seven games in the streak and are still the third place team for this active streak. In addition the Giants broke their active streak of allowing 200+ passing yards. Washington had only 121 passing yards. The Giant streak ends at five games. The Giants maintain their streak of games with 3+ sacks which now stands at three games. They are one of five teams with a 3+ sack streak at three games.

The Giants play the Vikings next week. There have been rumblings knocking Viking quarterback Kirk Cousins for his performance and his mega quarterback deal.  However Cousins is not to be taken lightly. Over last season and this season Cousins has the most games with a 70% or better completion percentage (13) and is one of only three quarterbacks with an active streak for completion % over 70 with two games. He is tie for eighth over last season and this season for games with a 90+ quarterback rating (13)  and is one of only nine quarterbacks that have an active streak for this (2 games). One knock on Cousins came from his ability to make the deep pass. This year Cousins comes in at 20th among week 3-4 starting quarterbacks in air yards per completed pass at 5.7 yards.  Giant quarterback Daniel Jones comes in at 26th with 5.1 air yards per completion.

The Vikings are one of five teams that have allowed 16 or less points in three games this season. However the Vikings rank 25th in passing yardage margin with a -198 yards. On the flip side the Giants rank 15th with a -21 yard passing margin. It evens out in the run game where the Vikings are fourth with a 244 rushing margin and the Giants are 13th with a 77 rushing margin. the Vikings are sixth in total yards allowed per game with 312 yards and the Giants are 23rd with 389 yards allowed.


Rushing is the Vikings strong suit. They have the second most games this season in rushing for 150+ yards with three of their four games. Viking running back Dalvin Cook is second in rushing yards this season (410) and first in rushing touchdowns (5). Among backs with 16 rushing attempts on the season Cook is sixth in rushing yards per attempt with 5.77. For starting backs he is third in yards per attempt and his total yards is 80 yards over the next back. Cook is the only back this season to have three games with a minimum 5 yards per attempt and a rushing touchdown.

The Giants are one of only eight teams that have held opponents to less than 5 yards per rush attempt in all four games, one of 17 teams to hold opponents to zero rush touchdowns in two games and one of 18 teams to hold opponents to less than 90 rushing yards in two games. The Giants are tenth in opponent rushing average with 3.88 yards per attempt allowed. They are tie for ninth in 20+ rushing plays allowed with only two.  There are 19 teams at ninth or better. The Giants are eighth in longest rushing play allowed with a 25 yard play. They are fifth in rushing 1st down percentage with a 17.7%


The Giants are one of only nine teams that have four games this season with 200+ passing yards. Evan Engram is one of nine players to have 2 games of 100+ receiving yards. He is one of only 12 players with a minimum 12 season targets to have a game with a 70% or better catch percentage. There are 13 players that had three games this season with 6+ receptions. The Giants and the Chargers are the only team to have two players in the 13. Both Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard had three games and Shepard only played three games. Daniel Jones is one of only twelve quarterbacks that have at least two games this season with 200+ passing yards, 60% completion percentage, a passing touchdown, a 75+ passer rating and a win. Jones is the only quarterback on that list that did it for every game he started this season.

The Vikings are second in opponent yards per pass completion with an 8.2 average. They are ninth in passing yards per game allowing 218 on average. The Vikings are fifth in 20+ yard passing plays allowed giving up only 10 for the season. However they are 17th in average opponent passer rating at 96.7 and 25th in opponent passing 1st down percentage at 65.4%. Their sack percentage of 6.96% is fourteenth.

Other Games of Interest

The Lions are one team ahead of the Giants of teams on the outside looking in for a playoff spot. However the Lions have a bye week this weekend.

The other team on the outside looking in ahead of the Giants are the Rams. They play the Seahawks this Thursday in what looks like a good matchup.

Russell Wilson of the Seahawks ranks second in passer rating with a 118.7. While Jared Goff of the Rams ranks 25th with an 82.9 rating. On the flip side the Rams are seventh in opponent average passer rating with 81. While the Seahawks are 16th with 95.3. Russell Wilson is one of three quarterbacks this season that has a passer rating of over 100, a completion percentage over 70% and a yards per pass attempt of over 8 yards.


In yards per rush attempt the Rams are 19th with a 4.1 average. The Seahawks are 20th with a 4.0 average. In rush defense the Rams are ninth giving up an average 3.8 yards and the Seahawks are 16th giving up a 4.2 average.

These should be two good games. Go Giants and Seahawks!!!

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