One More Game for Giants Playoff Hunt

I discussed the Giant’s playoff hunt game here Week Five And The Giant Playoff Hunt  and the Giant/Viking game as well as the Seahawks/Rams game. I did not discuss the Cowboys/Packers game. With the Cowboys loss last week and another Giant victory the Giants are only a game behind the Cowboys but would lose the tiebreaker. So a few words on my hope for the Cowboys game are in order.

Green Bay has a good pass defense and I hope they get to Dak Prescott and limit his production on Sunday. The Packer’s outside linebacker duo of Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith have combined for 7.5 sacks and 15 quarterback hits this season. The Packers quarterback hits puts them at the third most by a starting lineup in the NFC. The leaders are Tampa Bay with 27 and the Vikings with 21. However the Packers have the majority of their hist with the linebacker duo of the Smiths.

Green Bay defense has the fourth best opponent passer rating with a 73.2. They are topped by the Patriots, Bills and 49ers in order. The Packers opponent’s season passer ratings are 85.5, 88.6, 90.4 and 94.5.  So they have dropped by 12 to 21 points when playing the Packers. The Packers opponent 1st down passing percentage is 53% which is the sixth lowest in the league. Green Bay has given up the fourth lowest passing yards this season with a 188 passing yards per game average. They are in a six way tie for the fourth lowest opponent passing touchdowns with only four allowed in four games. Green Bay is ninth in sacks with 12 for the season. They are fourth in opponent pass completion percentage with a 57.1%. The Packers have four interceptions this season which is tie for fifth best.

So here is to the perfect trifecta this weekend for Giants fans

  1. Seahawks over Rams (Thursday night)
  2. Giants over Vikings (Sunday early game)
  3. Packers over Cowboys (Sunday late game).


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