Giant Daniel Jones Going into Week 8

Daniel Jones has done something in his first five starts that no quarterback selected in the 2018 draft has done in their first five starts. He has maintained a Passer Rating >= 70, a Pass Completion % >= 60, Yds/Pass Att >= 6.5 and Passing TD >= 6. In fact over the last 20 years only 17 rookie quarterbacks have accomplished that in their first five starts.


Daniel Jones has shown an ability to pass it into tight windows, throw the ball downfield and scramble.

Jones is third among quarterbacks with 3+ starts in yards per rush attempt with a 6.37.  Only Lamar Jackson and Dak Prescott lead him. Jones is ninth in the league in rushing yards per game with 20 yards. He has had 16 rush attempts and 68.8% resulted in a first down (11 first downs), two resulted in a touchdown and one in a fumble. I removed kneel-downs which are included in the league average. Without kneel-downs the 16 rush plays had an average of 7.8 yards to go and Jones gained on average 7.8 yards. His longest was 16 yards.

According to Next Gen Stats Jones lead the league in Aggressiveness % with 27.4% of his pass attempts into tight windows.

Contrary to popular belief Daniel Jones has the third quickest time to throw at 2.83 seconds as reported on Next Gen Stats.  That statistic excludes sacks.  The misconception is probably due to a high amount of sacks and the consensus that he holds the ball too long. Out of quarterbacks with 3+ starts Jones is fourth highest in sacks per pass attempt with 10.3%. On some of those plays Jones is trying to make a play and let his receivers run open.Out of his 18 sacks, five were on 3rd down with an average of 13 yards to go.

Out of 41 quarterbacks with 20+ completions Jones ranks 22nd in percent of completions for 20+ yards with 14%.  His deep throws by down are 40% on second down and 34% on first down. On his deep throws 63% had 7-10 yards to go. He has had 35 deep throws with an average 9.1 yards to go. He gained an average 8.4 yards on the throw. Twenty-six percent of the throws resulted in a first down and 8.6% in a turnover. Of the 35 deep pass attempts he had 3 touchdowns, 9 first downs and 3 interceptions. He had 9 completions on deep passes and 5 of those were to Darius Slayton.  He had six incompletions on deep passes to Slayton.

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