Giants Lose to Dallas and A Look Forward.

The Giants loss to Dallas has dropped then to only a 1% chance of winning the division according to   Their chance of making a wildcard remained unchanged at virtually nil. The Giants played a tough game and hung in there against a good team. Like the Patriot game the final score is not indicative of how close the game was. Daniel Jones again shows his toughness and competitive nature. His fumble on the scamper was due to him knowing where the first down marker was and doing all he could to make it. I like Will Hernandez sticking up for his quarterback. The one handed catch by Golden Tate by the goal line was up there with the Beckham catch. Barkley flashed his talent on that 65 yard run on a screen pass. Unfortunately his three game career streak of 100+ yards from scrimmage versus the Cowboys came to a end. Barkley had only 95 yards from scrimmage on Monday night.

The Giants are now 2-7 and fans are clamoring for the coach’s head. Shurmur can turn this around and salvage the season. If the Giants get to 6-10 they would match the season record for the last two coaches that started a first round quarterback. Both Tom Coughlin starting Eli Manning and Ray Perkins starting Phil Simms went 6-10 those years. Both kept their jobs for the next season. Coughlin went on to help lead two Giant teams to Super Bowl victories.

Looking at the schedule there are three games the Giants should win and an additional one that could also provide a win.

The Giants have yet to play Jets, Bears, Packers, Eagles (twice), Dolphins, and Redskins. The four best chances of a win based on team records would be Jets, Bears, Dolphins and Redskins. Here is a look at some various statistics that put those four teams with their league rank. The Giants come in at a better rank than all four of those teams for these statistics.

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Yards Per Offensive Play

Third down conversion Percentage

Passing Yards Margin


The Giants have to cut down the turnovers and shore up the defense.  Defensively the Giants come in poorly on the statistic lists.

Opponent Touchdowns

Opponent Passer Rating

Opponent Passing Yards

Opponent 3rd Down Conversion

Turnover Margin

There is still a lot of football left to play. It is too soon to be calling for the coach’s job. If the Giants can find four more wins and get to 6-10 that would be an improvement from last season and with a rookie quarterback. Daniel Jones appears to be playing well with some rookie growing pains.  I believe a lot of his turnover problems are due to his competitive spirit and trying to make a play when there may be none to be had. The solution is to find a fine balance and not to clamp down on that aggressive play style. Shurmur has a history with helping develop quarterbacks. If he can get the Giants to 6-10 they should keep him for the continuity and guidance he can provide to Daniel Jones.

Bring On Gang Green in a must-win game for both teams. The game is more than just Metropolitan Bragging Rights. The Giants and Jets are now tied together as the Giants passed on Sam Darnold in the draft to take Daniel Jones the following year. The development of these quarterbacks will be followed closely by Jets and Giant fans.  This is one of the few remaining games in which the Giants will be favored. It is a do-able win to get to a a 6-10 record and justification of Pat Shurmur remaining for another season.

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