Giants vs Bears Notes

Here is a team comparison of the Bears and Giants on some major statistics. The ones that are significantly different are highlighted with the better team in yellow.  The non-highlighted statistics are relatively close.

Poin Poin Poin Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Tot Tot Tot Tot Opp. Marg Marg Marg Marg
Tm W L PF PA PD Cmp% Yds TD Int Sk Rate Tot Y/P DY/P TO Opp3D% Rush Pass Tot TO
CHI 4 6 169 174 -5 63.9 1828 12 6 30 83.9 2627 4.342 4.9601 10 35.1% -157 -445 -602 4
NYG 2 8 203 289 -86 63.0 2280 17 10 34 85.8 3222 5.082 5.9641 24 40.8% -285 -310 -595 -12


The point differential is large. This difference is manifested in the Defensive yards/play (DY/P) and Opponent 3rd down conversion % (Opp3D%).

The turnovers are a big difference with the Bears having a positive 4 turnover margin to the Giants negative 12. Comparing Daniel Jones‘  first four games to his last four, the turnovers dropped from 11 to 9. However the Giant takeaways also decreased from 8 to 4. Comparing Mitch Trubiskey’s first four games to his last 5, the team turnovers increased from 2 to 6 and their takeaways decreased from 8 to 4.

Offensively the Giants have more success than the Bears. Here is a comparison of some major offensive statistics.

Points Passing Tot Yds & TO First Down % Downs Opp. Downs Margins
Tm W L PF PA PD Cmp% Yds TD Int Sk Yds Rate Tot Ply Y/P DPly DY/P TO First Down % 3D% Opp 3D% Rush Pass Tot TO
CHI 4 6 169 174 -5 63.9 1828 12 6 30 187 83.9 2627 605 4.3 651 4.96 10 27.9% 30.5% 35.1% -157 -445 -602 4
NYG 2 8 203 289 -86 63.0 2280 17 10 34 260 85.8 3222 634 5.1 640 5.96 24 30.8% 39.8% 40.8% -285 -310 -595 -12


The Giants lead in passing yards, passing touchdowns, total yards, yards per play and 3rd down conversions.

Defensively the Bears win out and lead in most defensive statistics.

Tot Yds & TO Opp. Scoring Opponent Passing Opponent Rushing Opp. Downs
Tm W L Tot DP DY/P TD XPM Md Cmp% Yds TD Int Sk Rate Att Yds Y/A TD 1st Dwns 1st D / P Opp3D%
CHI 4 6 2627 651 4.96 19 14 14 66.8 2273 9 7 25 86.2 265 956 3.61 10 200 0.307219662058372 35.1%
NYG 2 8 3222 640 5.96 34 32 17 68.7 2590 17 8 24 103.5 303 1227 4.05 12 205 0.3203125 40.8%


They lead in defensive yards per play, and opponent statistics for  touchdowns, extra points, passing touchdowns, quarterback rating, rushing yards per attempt and 3rd down conversion.

That is probably not news to fans that follow either team. However what is interesting is that the most valuable team player in terms of team market share are on opposite teams from the teams you would expect based on who leads on offense or defense.

Everyone is aware of how dangerous Bears’ Khalil Mack is and how he helps to make that Bears defense as good as it is. However from a team market perspective the Giants’ Markus Golden has better numbers.  Here are the team market share numbers for both players.

Player Hrry QBKD Sk Prss Comb Solo TFL QBHits
Kahilil Mack 40.0% 12.0% 22.0% 29.0% 5.9% 6.8% 14.3% 15.1%
Markus Golden 24.2% 23.1% 27.1% 24.7% 6.8% 5.6% 17.9% 27.3%

Golden (6.5) has one more sack than Mack. Golden has 15 quarterback hits to Mack’s 8. Golden has 7 tackles for loss to Mack’s 5.  Mack has a higher number of pressure with 31 to Golden’s 24. Mack also has 22 hurries to Golden’s 8.  The pressure team market share numbers are not that different with Mack having a 29% and Golden having 24.7%. The hurry team market share numbers do stand out loudly in Mack’s favor with 40% to Golden’s 24.2%.  Anyways we hear such hype about Khalil Mack and it will be hyped up for and during the game. The Giants will definitely be game planning around Khalil Mack. But be aware that Marcus Golden is a force that the Bears will have to account for.  The Giants have brought Golden on a blitz 47 times in ten games compared to 36 time Mack was brought.  Through week eight of the season Pro Football Focus ranked the Chicago Offensive Line 27th in the league. Hopefully Golden can be used to exploit that.

In college Golden finished his senior year with ten sacks which was good for 17th in the nation. He was also ninth in the nation in tackle for loss with twenty.  This despite suffering from a hamstring injury that slowed him down and miss a game. In his rookie year in 2015 he had his first career assisted  sack against the Bears. The next season in 2016 Golden was third in the league in sacks with 12.5. In 2017 Golden during the fourth game of the season Golden tore his ACL and was out for the season. Upon return in 2018 Golden only played on 35% of the defensive snaps for the Cardinals and recorded 2.5 sacks, 6 quarterback hits, 5 tackles for loss and 25 solo tackles.

Now on the flip side with the Giants excelling offensively the real offensive weapon on these team’s is Bear’s receiver Allen Robinson. He accounts for 31.4% of the Bears receiving yards. He has a 39.5% first downs per target. This by itself is not that impressive as four Giant receivers have similar percents – Cody Latimer (46.2%), Sterling Shepard (41.2%), Golden Tate (38%) and Darius Slayton (37.8%). However Robinson has done so with nearly twice as many targets with 86 targets on the year.

In his second year in the league in 2015 Robinson tied with Brandon Marshall and Doug Baldwin to lead the league in receiving touchdowns with 14. He was sixth in yards per reception (17.5) and in receiving yards (1,400).  He also had the longest reception that season with 90 yards. In 2017 week one he tore his ACL and was out for the season. He signed with the Bears for the 2018 season.  in 2019 he broke the Bears record for most receiving yards in a playoff game with 143. If the Giants can shutdown Robinson they have a great chance of winning the game.  Maybe the Giants will scheme to have Janoris Jenkins play a shadow role on Robinson. It should be interesting to see how they approach him.

Enjoy the Game!

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