Historically Outstanding Players Eleven Weeks Thru The Season

Today I look at some team statistics and then player statistics that stand out historically at eleven weeks thru the season.

The Ravens have the best running game going in over the last forty five years. Here are all the teams ever that had 2000+ rushing yards, a 5+ yards per rush attempt and 10+ rushing touchdowns by week eleven in the season.


The above table shows how teams have moved away from the run game. Here we see how the league has become more of a passing league. Here are all the teams  ever that by week 11 had 3000+ passing yards, 20+ passing touchdowns and a passer rating of 100+.


There are only 24 teams that meet that criteria and 18 are in this decade. Before 2000 only the 1984 Dolphins makes the list with Dan Marino as quarterback. The Patriots with Tom Brady makes the list the most with five seasons. That is followed by Drew Brees and the Saints with four seasons. Kansas and Patrick Mahomes is on a streak with two consecutive seasons on the list.  This is a team list so Carson Palmer made those stats in 2015 on the Cardinals but the team failed to meet them. Likewise Mahomes , Brees and Warner had a season where the team made the stats but they failed individually to meet them.

Panther Christian McCaffrey is the first player since 2014 to have 1500+ yards from scrimmage by week eleven.  Here is  the short list of impressive players that have accomplished this.


Buccaneer quarterback Jameis Winston is the first player since 2016 to throw over 160 incomplete passes by week eleven.  There have been only nine players to throw that many  in that time-frame in this decade.


Winston also holds the dubious record of being the first player of this decade to throw 18 interceptions by the eleventh week of the season.  Here is a list of players to do so over the last 30 years. He actually sits with some pretty great quarterbacks.


Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky is the only quarterback  since 2017 to throw for 5.6 or less yards per pass attempt over the first eleven weeks of the season. There have been only eleven since 2007.


Raven quarterback Lamar Jackson is the only player since 1973 to have 6.7+ yards per rushing attempt eleven weeks into the season with a minimum 100 rushing attempts.


Saints receiver Michael Thomas is the only player ever to have 90+ receptions by the eleventh week of a season. Here is the short list of players that have had 80+.


Viking receiver Stefon Diggs is one of only five players since 1992 to have 13+ receiving yards per target with 40+ targets eleven weeks into the season.


Cardinal linebacker Jordan Hicks is the only player since 2014 to have 110+ tackles eleven weeks into the season. Here is a short list of twelve players that have accomplished this since 1950.


Giant quarterback Daniel Jones is one of only five players since 1950 to have 11+ fumbles after eleven weeks of a season. It must be something in the atmosphere. Four of the five players are in this season. Jones is the only one with 13 fumbles the rest all have 11.


Week twelve has started. Enjoy the games!


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