The Giants And Daniel Jones

Another disappointing loss for the Giants in a winnable game. They now sit at 2-9 and are still mathematically in the playoff race due to the poor performance of the NFC East. The Giants have been eliminated from a wildcard chance but still can win the division as the leader Dallas is only four games ahead with five games remaining.

One of the sole bright spots of the season remains the play of rookie quarterback Daniel Jones. He orchestrated a fourth quarter scoring drive that went from their three yard line, 97 yards. The drive was capped off with a beautiful 23 yard pass to GoldenTate in the end zone with three defenders in the area. That pulled the Giants within five points with 4:17 left to play.

For the season Jones’ statistics puts among a handful of rookie quarterbacks with comparable good stats. Here are the rookie quarterbacks from 1950 to 2019, in their first nine career starts with a Pass Completion % >= 62, Passing TDs >= 17,  Passes Intercepted <= 8 and Yds/Pass Att >= 6.4.


Here are the rookie quarterbacks for single seasons, from 1920 to 2019, with 100+ Pass Attempts, a Pass Interception % <= 2.5, a Pass Completion % >= 62, Yds/Pass Att >= 6.4 and Passing TD % >= 5.


Up until week eleven Daniel Jones ranked 13th among quarterbacks for best bad throw percentage with a 15.3%. Among quarterbacks in their third year or less only Baker Mayfield has a better bad throw percentage with a 15.2%.

Among quarterbacks this season that have started 4+ games, Daniel Jones has the most quarterback hits per game started averaging 4.7 hits per game.

Daniel Jones is the only rookie quarterback ever to have two games of 300+ passing yards and 4 passing touchdowns. He is the only rookie quarterback ever with 3 games of 300+ passing yards, two passing touchdowns and zero interceptions. Jim Kelly and Dak Prescott are the only rookie quarterbacks that had two such games.

Daniel Jones has made the first down on 47.1% of his 34 rushing attempts. That is the highest percent for quarterbacks with 18+ rush attempts.

Daniel Jones is fourth in the league in active streaks of games with a passing touchdown with all nine of his starting games having a passing touchdown. That also sets a Giant franchise record. Baker Mayfield who holds the rookie touchdown record had 13 consecutive games with a passing touchdown in his rookie season. I am not sure if that is the consecutive record. Anyways Jones has a shot of passing that consecutive streak.

(Update: Daniel Jones is one of eight quarterbacks since 19070 that had 9+ consecutive starts with a touchdown pass in their career starts. The record is held by Kurt Warner who had 23 consecutive starts with a touchdown pass).

Jones now has two consecutive games without an interception and three of his last four.

Daniel Jones has been a bright spot in a dismal season for the Giants. His rookie accomplishments are amazing and an encouraging sign that they may have found their next franchise quarterback. That would be quite an accomplishment to transition from one franchise quarterback to another.  It is still to soon to tell but it looks promising.

The next five games are important to hopefully see Daniel Jones continue to progress.  Jones has praised head coach Pat Shurmur his help in Jones’ development as a quarterback.

“Coach Shurmur has done a ton for me in my growth and development,” Jones said. “He’s been extremely patient with me and supportive of me. I’ve been up and down. I’ve played well at times and not so well at times. He’s continued to support me and continued to coach me hard and give me the points of emphasis. That’s been a huge help for me.”

Like the Giants front office we need to wait to see how the remaining five games play out, how the team plays and how Daniel Jones develops. A continued growth by Jones and a team that fights to the bitter end will go a long way to securing Shurmur’s position as head coach for next year. A couple of wins in there will also help. I don’t know if Shurmur should or should not be back. I will wait until all the data is in and see how they finish up.

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