Giants Improvement Status After Fourteen Games

Fourteen games of the sixteen game season have been played. I previously looked at the team rank in the beginning of the season compared to the end in week thirteen with 12 games played. Now I revisit that view with 14 games played.

This time I looked at 37 team statistics and the Giants league rank in each one. Overall for the 37 statistics the Giants improved only slightly going from an average 26th rank for the first 7 games to a 22nd rank in the last seven games.  For the whole year they averaged at the 22nd rank.

The Good News

The one very bright spot was on penalties. They ranked sixth for the year and in the second half in penalty yards committed. The Giants ranked 17th in opponent penalty yards. For an average rank of 12 in penalty yards for the year.

For all other yearly rankings they were in the twenties for all categories. The exception was run defense in which the ranked 18th for the year.  Run defense was also their most improved area ranking at 8th in the last seven games. Run defense was the average rank of Opponent rushing yards, opponent rushing yards per attempt and opponent rushing touchdowns. They ranked third in opponent rushing yards per attempt for the last seven games and fifth for the year.

Another area that showed significant improvement over the last seven games is passing offense. They ranked 25th in passing offense the first seven games. For the last seven games they improved to 17th, In the last seven games they were third in passing touchdowns and 15th in passer rating. Both were significant improvements from a 26th and 29th rank in the first seven games.

Other areas they improved significantly included yards allowed per play going from 24th in the first seven games (6 yds/play) to 15th in the last seven games (5.45 yds/play). Another area was fourth down conversion percentage. In the first half they attempted 14 fourth downs and converted 5 (36%). In the latter half they attempted 13 and converted 7 (54%).  Lastly they improved in touchdowns. In the first seven games they scored 17 touchdowns (19th). In the latter seven games they scored 19 touchdowns (12th).

The Bad News

The run game went from rank 13th to 27th. In the last seven game the Giants rank 28th in rushing yards, 24th in rushing yards per attempt and 30th in rushing touchdowns.  In the first seven games the Giants were seventh in rushing yards per attempt.

Another area things got worse is in pass defense. The Giants went from 20th in pass defense to 26th.  The major decreases were in opponent passing touchdowns (16th to 31st), opponent passes intercepted (11th to 24th) and opponent sacked (15th to 26th). Opponent passer rating went from 24th to 28th.

The last significant decrease was in 3rd down conversion percentage. In the first seven games the Giants attempted 87 third downs and converted 33 (38%). In the last seven games they attempted 95 third downs and converted 33 (35%). This decrease dropped then from a 19th rank to 25th in the league.

Better But Still A Ways To Go

In terms of margins or the difference between the Giants value and the opponents value the Giants show some positive improvements.  Margins here compare the first seven games to the latter seven. In total yards margin the Giants went from a -419 yards to a -287 yards, That only bumped them from 28th to 26th. In the turnover margin the Giants went from -10 to -5 for a change in rank from 31st to 27th.

When it comes to score margins the Giants went from a halftime score margin of -53 points to +2 points for a rank change of 30th to 15th. This improvement continued thru the 3rd quarter. The margin after three quarters improved from -53 points to -2 points thereby going from a 27th rank to a 21st rank.  However the bad news is the Giants folded in the 4th quarter. In the first seven games they had a -2 points margin in the fourth quarter (16th rank). In the last seven games they have a -36 points margin in the 4th quarter (31st rank).

Looking Forward

There are two more games to go and a chance to improve the latter half season statistics. Hopefully the Giants will at least maintain or continue to advance the improvements shown. Other than that a lot of areas to improve. Two that I would like to see are the fourth quarter score margin and to get the run game back on track.

Here is a spreadsheet – Statistics By Half Season, that contains all the rankings for each statistic. It shows weeks 8-14, weeks 1-7 and the whole season.  Statistics are put in groups with a column of the group average next to each week breakdown. Significant differences have the better rank highlighted in blue. A bad group average is red and a good group average is yellow. The same red or yellow code is used on the statistic names themselves. The orange stat color is for average or not bad.

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