Giants Not In Playoffs – Who To Root For?

Like most football fans once their team is out of the playoffs I look for two teams to root for – one in each conference.  Being a Giants fan that ruled out the Eagles or Cowboys. With both teams at 7-7 it does not look like the winner will go far in the playoffs. That leaves roughly five NFC teams to choose from and seven AFC teams. The Titans on the outside looking in still have a decent shot at making the playoffs.

There have only been twelve quarterbacks that have won multiple Super Bowls. Giant Eli Manning is one of them. Being a Giants fan and Eli Manning fan I would like to keep that number down at least until Manning makes the Hall Of Fame.  That means I do not want Aaron Rodgers (GNB), Russel Wilson (SEA) or Drew Brees (NOR) in the Super Bowl. That leaves the 49ers and the Vikings among the NFC teams. The AFC teams are still open to seven teams.

Being a statistics loving football fan, I next ran a query on teams to see who has excelled in some major stats. I used pro football reference which allows you to filter on four qualifiers. For four stats I like the following for showing how good a team is

  1. Yards per rushing attempt,
  2. Passer Rating,
  3. Net Yards per Pass Attempt, and
  4. Turnover Margin.

For yards per rushing attempt I first used 5.0 but only the Ravens and Browns showed up. So I decreased it to 4.0 yards per attempt. That gave me 22 teams.

Next I added passer rating. I started with a passer rating of 100. That actually was a good point. It yielded eight teams all of which are in playoff contention. If you drop it to 95 you get four more team and two of those are not in playoff contention. Those would be the Falcons and Raiders (only a slim slim chance).  So I stuck with a passer rating of 100 and combined it with the 4.0 rushing yards per attempt. Those two yielded the eight teams. They are the Ravens, Vikings, Saints, Seahawks, Titans, Chiefs, 49ers and Packers.

Next I checked net yards per pass attempt. Starting at a measly 5.0 yards per attempt yielded all 32 teams.  I added the query to my other two and upped the net yards/pass attempt to 6.0. That still yielded the eight teams I had without it. But I noticed a clear drop-off for the lowest team. The Packers had 6.3 net yards per attempt. The next lowest team the Titans were up to 6.9 yards per attempt. The next couple of teams were only slightly better. So I added a 6.5 net yards per pass attempt.

The next added qualifier was for turnover margin as positive. This yielded no change. in fact all seven remaining teams had a 5+ turnover margin. The lowest three went from 5, 6 to 7. I noticed the total yards  margin had a huge discrepancy. Two teams were well over a thousand. While the others were at 630 or less. That was my final fourth qualifier.

In a single season, in 2019, in the Regular Season, requiring

  1. Yds/Rushing Att >= 4 and
  2. Passer Rating >= 100 and
  3. Net Yds/Pass Att >= 6.5 and
  4. Total Yds Margin >= 700.
I was thinking Baltimore would be my AFC team as Lamar Jackson and their offense are an exciting team to watch. Jackson will likely win MVP of the year. Lamar Jackson has been the AFC Offensive Player of the Week four times this year. The records that he is setting are staggering. Some include:
  1. Most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season.
  2. Tied for most games in a season with a perfect passer rating (2).
  3. Only player to rush for 1000+ yards and pass for 2500 yards in a season.
  4. Youngest quarterback to achieve a perfect passer rating.
The 49ers have a good defense and maybe the defensive rookie of the year in Nick Bosa. Nick Bosa is one of only seven rookies all time to have 9 sacks and 20 quarterback hits. I also loved tight end George Kittle’s catch and run against the Saints that set up the game winning field goal. With a defender holding his facemask Kittle kept going for extra yards. Reminded me of Mark Bavaro. Jimmy Garoppolo is also having a good year.
  1. One of 4 QBs with 3000+ passing yards, 100+ passer rating and 8.0+ yards per pass attempt.
  2. One of 5 QBs with 3+ fourth quarter comebacks.
  3. His 6.1% touchdown percent is sixth in the league
  4. He leads the league in pass yards after the catch per completion. (tied Mahomes)
  5. Is tied for second in percentage of on-target throws per pass attempt.
Those two teams would make an exciting Super Bowl !  Go Ravens!! Go 49ers!!

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