Some Notes On the Division Playoff Game Teams

Running the Ball Is Important to these teams

  1. Six of the eight remaining playoff teams were in the top ten in percentage of run plays and four were the top four teams.
  2. Only one of the remaining playoff teams was in the top ten in passing percentage and that team, the Chiefs, was tenth.

The First Seed Teams Really Excelled in 2019

Baltimore Ravens

  1. First in number of RPO plays by almost 100. They also have the highest percentage of run plays out of an RPO for teams that run 50+ RPO plays.
  2. First in yards per scramble (11.1). Their 40 scrambles was fifth highest in the league.
  3. First in first downs.
  4. First in passing touchdowns.
  5. First in rushing yards.
  6. First in rushing yards per attempt.
  7. First in rushing 1st downs.
  8. First in percentage of drives ending in a score (51.8%)
  9. The only team to have over 50% rushing play selection.
  10. Tie for 2nd in 3rd down conversion percent with 47.1%.
  11. First in 4th down conversion percent with 70.8% on 24 tries.
  12. First in Total Yards margin with + 1712 yards.
  13. First in Rushing Yards margin by almost 1300 yards over the 2nd team.
  14. First in points scored.
  15. First in points differential.
  16. First in second half score margin.
  17. First in average drive time, plays and points.
  18. Second in total yards, defense 1st downs allowed, defense passing TDs allowed, Offense rushing TDs and offense average drive yards.

San Francisco 49ers

  1. First in yards after the catch per completion (5.9 yards) .
  2. First in rushing touchdowns.
  3. First in opponents yards per offensive play allowed (4.7 yards).
  4. First in opponent passing yards.
  5. First in opponents net passing yards per attempt.
  6. First in opponents passing 1st downs.
  7. Second in Points scored, opponent total yards,  rushing yards, average starting position and opponent average drive yards.
  8. Fifth in 3rd down conversion% with 45%.
  9. Third in passing yards margin, first among remaining teams. Kansas is close at 130 yards less. But then among the remaining teams the next is Baltimore at 1045 yards less than Kansas with a -90 yards.

Teams Knocking On the Super Bowl Door

Minnesota Vikings

  1. The Vikings had the highest pocket time (2.7 secs) before passing or the pocket collapsed.
  2. Second in percentage of opponent drives that result in a turnover (17.7%)
  3. The Vikings have been to 4 Super Bowls and won zero. Over the past decade they have been to the playoffs three times and lost in the wildcard twice and the Conference once. Prior to this season quarterback Kirk Cousins had started in one playoff game which was a loss.

Kansas City Chiefs

  1. First in 3rd down conversion percent with 47.6%.
  2. Second in least interceptions thrown, net yards gained per pass attempt, percentage of drives ending in offensive score and average points scored per drive.
  3. The Chiefs have been to two Super Bowls and won one. Over the past decade they have been in the playoffs six times, losing 3 Wildcards, 2 Divisional and one Conference. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to the Conference Championship last year in his first year as the starting quarterback.

Green Bay Packers

  1. First in least number of interceptions thrown and second in team turnovers lost.
  2. The Packers have been to 5 Super Bowls and won 4. In the past decade they made the playoffs seven times and won a Super Bowl (2010 season), lost 2 Conference games, lost 3 division games and lost one wildcard game.

Don’t Let these Underdogs Hang Close.

Three of the four underdogs have performed well in game winning drives either this season or over the last 5 seasons. For 2019 regular season among remaining quarterbacks in the playoffs these three have the three highest game winning drives per game. If the game is close going into the fourth quarter these teams can definitely pull off the upset.

Tennessee Titans

  1. Second in 4th quarter score margin in 2019 regular season.  First among remaining teams. Ryan Tannehill has three game winning drives this season in only 10 starts. Tannehill is tie for ninth among quarterbacks for game winning drives over the last 5 seasons and he did not play in 2017. Among the remaining teams Tannehill has the third highest game winning drives per game for 2019.
  2. Second in rushing touchdowns,

Seattle Seahawks

  1. Russell Wilson is tie for first in game winning drives and 4th quarter comebacks with 5 and 4 respectively this season. Wilson has the second highest game winning drives per game among remaining quarterbacks for 2019.
  2. Second in defensive fumbles lost,

Houston Texans

  1. Deshaun Watson has the highest game winning drives per game among the remaining quarterbacks over the last five seasons. He has the highest 2019 game winning drives per game among remaining quarterbacks.

Enjoy the Games!

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