2019 Playoff Divisional Winner’s And Key Objectives

Here are some key objectives teams strive for to win games and how the playoff winners have fared with those objectives.

The winning teams in the playoff games provided some performances that rank high among all-time post season games. In the NFL since 1940 there have been over 560 post season games. Here are where this weeks winners ranked in some key objectives.

1 Win the Turnover Battle

Titans were 1st among 2019 playoff games in turnover margin with +3 against the Ravens. The next 2019 playoff team was at +1. The plus three turnover margin is tie for 85th to 173rd among all time playoff teams. Among all-time playoff games in which a team threw zero interceptions the Titans turnover margin is tie for 16th.

2 Run the Ball, Stop the Run and Play Strong Defense

The 49ers had +165 in rushing yards margin against the Vikings. That was tie for 43rd among all-time post season games. They had a 38.5 to 21.5 time of possession which was 38th among all-time post season games. The 49ers had 47 rush plays to 19 pass attempts. (Rushing yards margin is a team’s rushing yards minus the opponent’s rushing yards.)

They held Vikings Dalvin Cook to 9 attempts for 2.0 yards per attempt. In the regular season Cook averaged 4.5 yards per attempt for 1000+ yards. Holding an opponent to 2.1 yards per rush attempt is 66th among all-time post season.

49ers tops in the 2019 playoff games with a 3.27 yards per play allowed. The next team was at 4.77.  The 3.27 yards per play allowed is 72nd among all-time post season games. The 49ers were second during the regular season in defensive yards allowed per play with 4.66.

In the Titan’s game against the Patriots the Titans had 13 rushing first downs. That was tie for ninth among all-time post season games.  The number of playoff teams that rushed for 13 first downs in a post season game hold the 9th to 19th slot all time.

3 Efficient Error Free Quarterback Play (TD% And Int %)

The Titans had a Touchdown percentage of 20% against the Ravens which was tie for seventh best among all-time post season games. This with a 0% interception percent. The Chiefs had a 14.3% Touchdown Percent which was tie for 27th among all-time post season games. They also had a 0% interception percent. The touchdown percentage is touchdowns per pass attempt.

4 Convert on 3rd Down

Packers were tops in 3rd down conversions in the 2019 playoffs with 64.3%. Six of their nine 3rd down conversions were on their four touchdown drives.  Another two kept the ball away from Seattle with 2.5 minutes left to play. The Packers elevated their play in the playoff game as during the regular season they were 23rd in the league in 3rd down conversions with only a 36%. Green Bay’s 2019 playoff game 3rd down conversion percent against the Seahawks is tie for 17th all time for a postseason game

Enjoy the Conference Championship Games!

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