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DeSean Jackson Believes The Eagles Are “A Top-Contending Team”

The Philadelphia Eagles impressed many after their 33-27 over the Washington Redskins Monday night and DeSean Jackson believes the Eagles proved to many that the birds are for real.

Jackson said,

“You can’t really predict any better way to go out — first game of the year, Monday night, with the whole world watching and everybody doubting us, saying the Redskins are going to beat us and all this talk about RG3. For us to come out and put on a show like we did, I think it showed the whole world the Eagles are definitely a top-contending team to go out there and make some big things happen. I’m just getting feedback from other players in the league. The fans, everybody really just like, ‘Man, that offense is crazy, that high tempo and things.’ I definitely think it caught everybody’s attention. But we can’t really get content, can’t really be satisfied. We still gotta go out there and keep working. I honestly could care less about how opinions changed. Inside this locker room, inside the building, I think everyone knows what type of team we are. We have great players here that have some done great things in this league. It’s just one of those situations where…hopefully at the end of the year we’ll be one of the last teams standing. I’m just very excited about that.”

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