Snoopy Bowl

The Giants vs Jets games have been referred to as the Snoopy Bowl. This goes back to being MetLife Stadium and MetLife used to use Snoopy in their commercials.


The Jets blitz on 40.9% of dropbacks. That is third most in the league. However Daniel Jones has already faced the Cardinals (40.9%) and the Buccaneers (51.6%) who blitz at the highest percentage. Against the Buccaneers  on plays the Buccaneers brought pressure, Jones finished with a passer rating of 133.1, according to Pro Football Focus. Jones completed 73.7% of his pressured attempts at 12.8 yards a clip for a 133.1 passer rating.  The Buccaneers have more formidable pass rushers than the Jets. Tampa Bays rushers and their year to data pressures are Shaquil Barrett (24), Vita Vea (14), Carl Nassib (13), Ndamukong Suh (12), Lavonte David (10) and William Golston (10).  The Jets players start showing up at eight pressures with Neville Hewitt and Jordan Jenkins.

It is interesting to note that for all their blitzing the Buccaneers only had a pressure on 23.2% of dropbacks and the Jets on only 20.7%. The Giants blitz at a rate of 27.7% but had a higher pressure percentage with 23.3%. A pressure is defined as a hurry, knockdown or sack.


For 2019 Daniel Jones is having a better year than Sam Darnold. Here is a stat comparison for their 2019 seasons. The better data is highlighted in yellow.

Player GS QBrec Cmp% TD%
Daniel Jones 7 2-5-0 62.6 4.3 3.1 6.5 6 10.4 237 82.8 53.5 5.23 4.73 9.2 1 1
Sam Darnold 5 1-4-0 63.2 3.4 5.2 6.2 4.6 9.8 215.4 70.5 27.4 4.99 3.51 9.4  


Here are some 2019 season advanced passing statistics.

GS 1D / Att Air/Cmp Air/Att ADOT YAC/Cmp Drop% Bad% Scrm Yds/Scr
Sam Darnold 5 30.46% 4.9 3.1 7.9 4.9 4 19.5 1 3
Daniel Jones 7 30.74% 5.2 3.3 7.9 5.2 4.7 16.7 18 8.1

In fairness to Sam Darnold he had a much better rookie season in 2018 than he is having this year.

Over the last four weeks since Sam Darnold has come back the Giants are 28th in passing yardage margin (-197) and the Jets are 29th (-259).


The Giants are tenth in the league in yards per rushing attempt with 4.66 yards. The Jets are 29th with 3.33 yards.  The Giants are third in the league in yards before contact per rushing attempt with 3.2 yards. The Jets are 31st with 1.5 yards before contact. The Giants are 29th in yards after contact per attempt with 1.5 yards. The Jets do slightly better here getting 1.8 yards after contact for the 25th spot.  The Jets are twelfth in attempts  per broken tackle with 13.3 attempts. The Giants are 21st with 19.7 attempts.

Saquon Barkley is 10th in the league among running backs in yards before contact per attempt with 2.8 yards. He is fortieth in yards after contact per attempt with 1.7 yards. Last season Barkley was fourth in the league in rushing yards after contact per attempt with 2.8 yards. That rookie season he was first in total rushing yards after contact with 931 for the year. His 2019 yards per attempt (4.6), yards per game (66.8) and rushing touchdowns (2) are all down from his Pro-Bowl rookie season. Saquon missed three and a half games this year due to injury. His receiving targets are down just a little from 7.6 in 2018 to 6.8 in 2019.

For backs with a minimum 25 rushing attempts Barkley is 20th in yards per attempt with 4.56 and Le’Veon Bell is 55th at 3.32 yards. Bell’s long rush for the year is 19 yards compared to Barkley’s 59 yarder. Le’Veon Bell averages only 1.3 yards before contact which is 40th in the league. Bell averages 2  yards after contact. For some perspective Bills quarterback Josh Allen averages 2 yards after contact for 123 yards after contact on the year.

The Jets are 30th in the league in rushing yards per game with 66 yards and 29th in average rushing yards per attempt with 3.3. The Giants are tie at 8th averaging 4.7 yards per attempt. Over the last three weeks since Saquon Barkley has returned the Giants are 24th in the league in rushing yards margin (-100) and the Jets are 20th (-25 yards).


The Jets are 27th in the league in turnover margin with -7 and the Giants are 30th with -10. Both teams have lost a turnover in every game this season and both have averaged over two turnovers lost per game. Sam Darnold has nine interceptions and three fumbles in five games started. Daniel Jones has eight interceptions and nine fumbles in seven games started. Darnold is fourth in the league in interceptions thrown and Daniel Jones is in a four way tie at fifth. Jones is in a two way tie at second in the league for fumbles.

Final Thoughts

Both teams are having brutal seasons. Both head coaches are potentially on the hot seat to get fired. These are teams playing for their coach’s future. A loss to a poorly performing metropolitan rival would not be good for the coach. Shurmur delivered a message to the team that it’s make it or break it time. One player summed it up as ““Guys understand those mistakes are unacceptable and if individuals don’t get it corrected, they probably won’t be playing anymore.” Some Jets fans had rented a plane the flew over the city on Friday with a banner reading “Fire Adam Gase!”.

I have said all along that if Shurmur can somehow squeak six wins out of this season he should stay to provide continuity to what appears to be a good development of Daniel Jones. Tom Coughlin went 6-10 the year he started Eli Manning. Coughlin went on to lead the Giants to two Super Bowl victories. Out of the remaining games that makes this Jets game a must win. Based on the season so far the Giants should win. However the Jets did pull the upset and defeat the Cowboys which the Giants have been unable to do. So you never know.

As for Adam Gase again I believe you have to see how the season plays out. If they continue to lose and Darnold continues with what appears to be a regression, I would say one and done is the way to go. The one-and-done route is not that common. If you eliminate the interim head coaches, over the last 10 seasons only two head coaches were one-and-done. In 2013, Rob Chudzinski of the Cleveland Browns was fired after a 4-12 season. In 2018 Steve Wilks was fired by the Arizona Cardinals after a 3-13 season. However the combination of a really poor record and a regressing young quarterback would be justification. If things turn around at least with Darnold another year may be the way to go. Again a victory this week would be key to Gase keeping his job.

Enjoy the Snoopy Bowl!

The Glossary of terms used in the quarterback tables are defined at Pro Football Reference  in their glossary and the advanced stats are defined at Pro Football Reference Advanced Passing Glossary.

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